San Leandro Marina, December 27, 2017

Beautiful San Leandro Marina … spent just a few minutes with my niece and her husband and kid to watch the sunset at the Marina. We were coming from the Vallejo area, going home to Union City.

So glad that we did it.

West Side Story

About a week ago, with the Drink and Click group, I had a chance to photograph the Chicago skyline from a rooftop of a building in Greek Town. We were excited and hoped to have a cloudy day so we could shoot the fast moving clouds on time lapse. But it wasn’t the case that day. There were no clouds to the east of the skyline. Fortunately, the sunset that evening was absolutely dramatically gorgeous. While we shot the skyline at the beginning, when we saw the sun setting down, we all headed to the west side of the rooftop and shot away.

Here are some fruits of my labor that evening, in random order.

Chillin’ on the Gold Coast

Two friends and I spent several hours last Sunday afternoon on the breakwater in the Gold Coast, watching the city turn pink from the light setting sun. The sky put up an incredible show – the drama started in the early afternoon with beautiful fluffy cottony cumulus clouds that turned quickly into menacing storm clouds and then back to nice fluffy clouds in the evening during which sunlight filtered from the west, bathing the city with a beautiful pink glow.

It was a beautiful evening to just chill out and end the weekend.