Moonlight Sonata, November 3, 2017

Did a very quick visit to the lakefront just south of Ohio St. Beach and Lakeshore Drive last Friday night. It was quick because it was damn cold. I kept on asking myself, why am I even doing this?

But it was a good way to end a very strange week.

Chillin’ on the Gold Coast

Two friends and I spent several hours last Sunday afternoon on the breakwater in the Gold Coast, watching the city turn pink from the light setting sun. The sky put up an incredible show – the drama started in the early afternoon with beautiful fluffy cottony cumulus clouds that turned quickly into menacing storm clouds and then back to nice fluffy clouds in the evening during which sunlight filtered from the west, bathing the city with a beautiful pink glow.

It was a beautiful evening to just chill out and end the weekend.

Short Sunday Walk in Streeterville – February 26, 2017

It has been my habit to do a walk on Sunday and yesterday was no different. I had to get out and walk. But, as usual, I was indecisive where to go. So just like any Sunday, I just hopped onto the 147 bus and let the universe decide. Which brought me to a circle walk around Streeterville in the near Northside. The pictures are from the 2nd half of the walk, around Oak St. Beach. On my iPhone.