Skyline Walk – December 8, 2018

Shooting the Chicago skyline at dusk always clears cobwebs in my mind.

I just can’t get enough of this.

West Side Story

About a week ago, with the Drink and Click group, I had a chance to photograph the Chicago skyline from a rooftop of a building in Greek Town. We were excited and hoped to have a cloudy day so we could shoot the fast moving clouds on time lapse. But it wasn’t the case that day. There were no clouds to the east of the skyline. Fortunately, the sunset that evening was absolutely dramatically gorgeous. While we shot the skyline at the beginning, when we saw the sun setting down, we all headed to the west side of the rooftop and shot away.

Here are some fruits of my labor that evening, in random order.

Cubs Mania

Panoramic view of the Chicago skyline during the 2016 World Series honoring the Cubs. Taken on the second night of a two-night walk (Friday and Saturday, Oct 28 and 28) at the same time the Cubs were playing (and losing) at Wrigley Field.