Moonlight Sonata, November 3, 2017

Did a very quick visit to the lakefront just south of Ohio St. Beach and Lakeshore Drive last Friday night. It was quick because it was damn cold. I kept on asking myself, why am I even doing this?

But it was a good way to end a very strange week.

Taking Back The Drive

For the 16th year now, almost the whole length of Lakeshore Drive (from basically Bryn Mawr in the north end to 57th St. in the south) was taken over by bicycles for about 5 hours.

NO cars (well, except for some even organizers cars boo hoo) but thousands upon thousands of bikes on the drive. It is one of the best bike rides in the world ever.

It is one of the best events on Memorial Day Weekend to photograph too. Especially if you want to practice panning.