Best. Day. Ever. No. 2 Part 2: Teotihuacan, the iPhone chronicles

My second full day in Mexico City, June 16, 2018 was spent touring the two holiest places in the country: The Basilica and Shrine of the Lady of Guadalupe and the Teotihuacan ruins. Here are some photos of the Teotihuacan part of the day from my iPhone. I uploaded these photos while I was on the train from Seattle to San Jose (CA) in the second part of my vacation.

Teotihuacan is an ancient mesoAmerican civilization predating the Aztecs. Their city center is in a valley about 40 km northeast of Mexico City. Teotihuacan is known today as the site of the most significant pyramids built in pre-Columbian Americans. There are two of them: the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun, the latter being the larger of the two. Both are open to the public for climbing although you can only reach up to the first level of the Pyramid of the Moon. You also get the best view from the Pyramid of the Moon because it faces the long avenue called Avenue of the Dead.

While there are hundreds, if not thousands of tourists visiting the site everyday, the site doesn’t feel touristy at all (although there are trappings of modern day tourism). Here are some photos of the ruins that I took with my iPhone. Photos from my Sony A7 will be posted later.

Short Sunday Walk in Streeterville – February 26, 2017

It has been my habit to do a walk on Sunday and yesterday was no different. I had to get out and walk. But, as usual, I was indecisive where to go. So just like any Sunday, I just hopped onto the 147 bus and let the universe decide. Which brought me to a circle walk around Streeterville in the near Northside. The pictures are from the 2nd half of the walk, around Oak St. Beach. On my iPhone.

My my my it’s a beautiful beginning of a day …

Sunrise over Lake Michigan, February 5, 2017. Direct from my iPhone7+ that I got yesterday. No post-processing at all.