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Savoring the Moment, Days Six and Seven – Quiet Days, July 26-27, 2017


Four more days before I go back to work. I am maximizing my remaining vacation time by taking a photo walk everyday although yesterday and today, were quiet days. I stayed home to catch up with work and prepare for the coming school year. These photos were taken from my balcony overlooking Lake Michigan yesterday […]

Savoring the Moment – Day 3, Evening Walk at the Local Beach – July 23, 2015


Eight more days before I go back to work. I am maximizing my vacation time by taking a photo walk everyday. I live near three beaches all of which are walking distance from my home. So earlier this evening, I decided, instead of heading downtown, I decided to take a short stroll along Hollywood Beach, […]

Outside My Window – March 1, 2015


Earlier in the afternoon today, a little bit of sunshine came through and even though it was cold out there, brave souls came out and frolicked on the ice. On the beach. Outside my window.

Watching the sunrise – September 21, 2014


… on the eve of the equinox. Hollywood Beach, Edgewater

Lake Michigan from Thorndale to a little bit beyond Hollywood – June 10, 2006

The Beach

Photo stroll with Bernie (fotoFANATIK on Flickr) along the beach. She had a patient in my building so after her session seeing the patient, she called me … and off we went photographing. My neck of the woods I can’t wait Cosmos The Lifeguard and the Photographer The Beach