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Savoring the Moment, Days 9 and 10 – It’s All About Fire Pt. 1, July 29, 2015


I got one more day to do nothing before I go back to work on Monday. Last night was was spent watching the Navy Pier Wednesday fireworks with FB and reality friends, Phil and Lori on the lakefront at Addison. I was there Tuesday night and decided to come back to watch the fireworks from […]

Savoring the Moment, Day 8, the Lakefront from Chicago to Division, July 28, 2015


Three more days before I go back to work. I am maximizing my remaining vacation time by taking a photo walk everyday. I was planning to stay home today to do some more preparation for next week’s 5-day PD (Professional Development) before the start of classes on the 12th. But, our Internet connection was down […]

Ten Years Ago Today – January 7, 2005


It looked like, 10 years ago today wasn’t that cold. I was up and about, utterly fascinated by the crashing of the waves on the breakwater in Gold Coast. Granted it was windy, but I wasn’t, most probably, that freezing. And it looked like I wasn’t the only one out walking out there.

Scott Kelby 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk – Lincoln Park and Gold Coast – July 25, 2010


Last weekend was the Scott Kelby worldwide photowalk. I again participated in the walk led by Charlie Guild which was held at Lincoln Park/Gold Coast. The walk was scheduled on Saturday (the 24th) but we had to postpone it the next day because it was raining that morning. More pictures from the walk

Chicago Air and Water Show – August 20, 2006


Meet-up with Chicago Flickr Meetup Club at a high-rise in the Gold Coast and nutterguy (Brendon Morgan), a flickr contact from Ireland. Unfortunately, I lost most of my pictures – the harddrive where I stored them crashed and couldn’t be restored. License this photo on Getty Images Bernie (fotoFANATIK) Oak St. Beach View pictures of […]