A Very Short Drop By at the Lakefront – Jan 12, 2018

It was quite windy on my drive home on the 12th of January, so I stopped by the lakefront by the Foster Ave. beach and took pictures of the waves hitting the groin.

I was the only one there, but people arrived to take pictures as I was leaving.

Drummers at the Jam

The Full Moon Jam is a monthly gathering of fire, music, and community at Chicago’s lakefront (just south of Foster Ave. Beach). The fire dancing is usually spectacular with poi, hoops, fans and various other devices but the unsung heroes are the drummers.

What’s a jam without the relentless rhythm provided by the drummers?

Chicago Full Moon Jam, June 6, 2017

Sunday Photowalk


Having cabin fever cooped up in the apartment.

So instead of working, I took a walk on the beach, despite the wind and the cold but the sun was shining though. It was a nice brisk walk from Thorndale to just about Foster Ave. Beach and back with plenty of photo stops. Took me about an hour. Surprisingly, lots of people were up and about, probably they felt the same way as I did.