Slow boat to Chinatown

With Pons and sons David and Marxii

A classmate of mine, Pons Cabagnot, from veterinary school recently arrived with his family from the Philippines as immigrants. During their first weekend in Chicago where they are planning to settle, I took them for a water taxi ride to Chinatown for lunch.

It was a little bit chilly yesterday, but I think we had a good time seeing some parts of Chicago that many people haven’t seen. We were a little bit lucky to be treated to a side show – a Great Blue Heron hunting for food on the Chicago River.  It’s getting to be more and more common now – wildlife on the revived river!

Epic 12-Hour Walk, Parts 4 and 5

Last April 8, a group of us, who now we call “The Early Risers” (because we tend to start our walks way before sunrise), met up and did a marathon photo shoot from basically sunrise to sundown. I left the house at 5:21 AM and arrived back at the house at 5:21 PM.

These photos are from the part 4 and 5 of the walk which was the Garfield Park Conservatory and then the River North legs, respectively.

Epic 12-Hour Walk, Part 3

On April 8, a bunch of like-minded photographers decided to meet up just before sunrise at North Ave. Beach to photograph the rising of the sun. They decided that it was too much fun to waste the morning … so they continued their meet-up to which ever place first popped up in their collective minds.

This is part 3 of their continuing walk – from the Loop to the Riverwalk leg. On their way, they found dead birds that hit buildings on their migration and turned over trash compactor, most of them, on Wacker Drive.

The Riverwalk is a fairly new addition to Chicago – it has always been there, of course, but its development as a public destination probably happened in the early 2000. Now, it is an open pedestrian promenade from the lake to its fork when the river splits into its north and south branches. The walk has restaurants along with public seating and resting places, boat rentals and other activities. There seems to be some theme as you walk along – from upscale restaurants in the west end which is more architecturally landscaped with concrete seating and metal railings to a more down to earth atmosphere in the east end with funkier bars and rustic landscaping (plastic seating here folks) and loud music in the east end.

The Greening of the Chicago River

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. We do it a little bit earlier here. And with so much aplomb.

Drink and Click® Chicago Bridges Shoot

February’s Drink and Click® Chicago shoot was at the Riverwalk to fulfill the theme ‘bridges.’ February 10, 2017

The Drink Part was at the Side Bar on LaSalle.

The Click Part was at the River Walk. Here’s the group shot courtesy of Tom Tran.

The rest of the shoot:

Saturday Evening Walk

November 19, 2016. The plan was to take pictures of the skyline at the Adler Planetarium, but I got caught amid the throng of revelers waiting for the Lights Festival Parade on the Magnificent Mile to begin. I was contemplating on staying and photographing the parade BUT I got claustrophobic. With my right eye totally blind now, it has became quite difficult for me to navigate amid crowds.

So I got out of there, walked aimlessly west of the Mag Mile, then headed south to the loop and ended up in Millennium Park, my default photo place. Well, at least, I got to see the Christmas Tree that got lit up the day before.