Tourist in My Own City Day 2 – March 31, 2015


Into the blue hour … from Lincoln Park to the Gold Coast and then to downtown.

Tourist in my own city Day 1 – March 30, 2015


It’s spring break! I didn’t plan to go anywhere, I am playing tourist in my own city. There is just so much to see and do! Have a look!

The 105mm Photowalk – March 22, 2015


I haven’t used my Nikkor 105 f/2.8 that much … so I thought I’d take it for a spin in a special photowalk today … all macros, all flowers/plants. At the Lincoln Park Conservatory.

Thaw – March 16, 2015


Finally, the ice cover on the beach is melting! And people came out to see the thaw!

The Greening of the Chicago River – March 14, 2015


I have been photographing the greening of the Chicago River during the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration for more than ten years now. I usually organize a group to walk with me. This year though, I went solo. It never ceases to amaze me how magical this event is. It just is.

Moonrise Over Ice – March 6, 2015


I missed it the other night when it was a full moon, so I came back last night to photograph the moon rising over the ice on Lake Michigan. It was a gibbous moon (about 98% full), but who is counting?

Outside My Window – March 1, 2015


Earlier in the afternoon today, a little bit of sunshine came through and even though it was cold out there, brave souls came out and frolicked on the ice. On the beach. Outside my window.

Lunar New Year on Argyle

Door Greeting-7

The annual rupture of eardrums happened yesterday on Argyle St. in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. Not much firecrackers this time, but the last store, one of the biggest Asian groceries in the area, put up a spectacular fire crackers show that practically bled my ears.

Montrose at Blue Hour – January 23, 2015


I went back to Montrose Harbor last evening to photograph the skyline during the blue hour. I wanted to take pictures of the skyline from the Adler Planetarium but I missed the 18th St. exit from the drive. So I made a mental note to exit at Montrose and take pictures from the harbor. The […]



Dropped by Montrose Harbor before heading home. I wasn’t the only one who had the same idea.

Photographing in the Snow – Jan 11, 2015


I haven’t photographed in the snow for a while. Yesterday was the perfect opportunity. I didn’t want it that grand or difficult, so I went to my usual default walk area – Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. It’s easy for me to photograph there because I have a routine. I hit Cloud Gate first, take […]

Shedd in 2002


Walk conducted on February of 2002. One of the first times I’d been to the Shedd Aquarium was when I had my new FujiFilm FinePix 2400 Zoom. I just had to try it. The old one was better. This one just could not take good photos of moving objects. Oh well. Also, another good thing […]

Jose Rizal @ Montrose


Jose Rizal in Chicago Walk conducted on March 9, 2001 Many may be wondering what this monument is in Grant Park at about the Montrose exit on Lake Shore Drive on the west side of the drive. It’s the monument of the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal, who apparently had visited Chicago in the late […]

Have iPhone, will photowalk


The pictures on this page were all taken with an iPhone 5s during the photowalk that I did the first of the year. Sometimes, I don’t bring my DSLR or mirrorless cameras with me. For most walks, I am happy with the iPhone (especially if the photos are for FB or Instagram). I am.

Eleven Years Ago Today – January 8, 2004


A short photo walk in Grant Park on my way to the bus stop going home. I used to teach a night class on Tuesdays at one of the bigger colleges in the loop. Sometimes, I took the bus home during those nights after class – and that would necessitate me to walk from my […]

Ten Years Ago Today – January 7, 2005


It looked like, 10 years ago today wasn’t that cold. I was up and about, utterly fascinated by the crashing of the waves on the breakwater in Gold Coast. Granted it was windy, but I wasn’t, most probably, that freezing. And it looked like I wasn’t the only one out walking out there.

Eleven Years Ago Today – January 7, 2004


I am not about to get out there and replicate these pictures. It’s 0 degrees F currently. Ten years ago, I didn’t even think of it. I just went – to the beach right by me, or, to Grant Park near where I used to work. BTW, I didn’t have a DSLR then. Added note […]

Barcelona Dark – December 17 – 29, 2007


Photos in very dark black and white from our trip to Barcelona 8 years ago. One of the best trips of our lives. We wanted to tour Spain, but decided to spend the whole vacation just in Barcelona. We were hooked since the first day. Oh well. Memories are made of these.

Chicago River East and West of N. Michigan Ave. Bridge – Jan 2, 2015


Pioneer Court Area I did a very long walk yesterday (6 hours!) as I won’t have much time to do more extensive walks in the immediate future. I will start going back to work on Monday! This is part 2 of the walk after freezing my ass off at the Adler Planetarium (see the walk […]

The snow stuck! – January 3, 2015

Wet and Wild Today-2

Woke up to fog this morning and first significant snow of the winter. After brunch, I decided to walk on the beach. Great beach weather today! I forgot to put on my sunscreen though. In my dreams, right?

It has just been one Annus Horribilis – December 31, 2014


I survived it. Barely. Last sunrise of the year.

Quick Swing By My Favorite Building in Chicago – December 7, 2014


The Chicago Public Library aka the Chicago Cultural Center, with its Carrera marble staircase, Tiffany Dome, Grand Army of the Republic Hall and Dome, art galleries, warming spaces AND MOST ESPECIALLY, iPhone and laptop chargers … remains to be one of my favorite buildings in Chicago of all time. I swung by on December 7, […]

Some of the Last Vestiges of Autumn @ Millenniun Park – November 2, 2014


I have been so lazy lately. I haven’t gone to Miller Beach in Gary, IN where I used to live … to photograph the gorgeous autumn leaves in that area. Then I realized … there are practically no more leaves on the trees anywhere in Chicago. So yesterday, I went out, to photograph whatever is […]

Family Reunion in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California – October 24, 2014


My brother and sister-in-law in front of the Carmel Mission Church In October of 2014, my brother, Jorge and is wife, Amie, came to visit from the Philippines and stayed in California for about three months as their daughter who is a nurse and is based in Fremont, CA recently gave birth to a beautiful […]