Savoring the Moment, Day 5 – Back to the Fireworks with Scott M., July 25, 2015


Six more days before I go back to work. I am maximizing my remaining vacation time by taking a photo walk everyday. Today’s walk was again conducted at the lakefront to reshoot the fireworks. My settings were off last Wednesday, so with a different camera and different settings, I set out to shoot the Navy […]

Savoring the Moment, Day 4 – Magnificent Mile and River Walk, July 24, 2015


Seven more days remaining of my vacation before I go back to work. I am maximizing what remains of my vacation by doing a photowalk everyday. This evening’s walk was at the Jane M. Byrne Plaza to take photos of the Water Tower at night and then on to the Riverwalk. Short and sweet.

Savoring the Moment – Day 3, Evening Walk at the Local Beach – July 23, 2015


Eight more days before I go back to work. I am maximizing my vacation time by taking a photo walk everyday. I live near three beaches all of which are walking distance from my home. So earlier this evening, I decided, instead of heading downtown, I decided to take a short stroll along Hollywood Beach, […]

Savoring the Moment, Day 2 – July 22, 2015


Nine more days and I’m back to work. So I am savoring every moment and every day of the remaining vacation days by doing photowalks. Today’s walk started outside the Cultural Center taking shots of this incredible jazz trio busking at the corner of Michigan and Washington. Then, eating dinner at Cloud Gate, taking a […]

Savoring the moment – Day 1, July 21, 2015


Ten more days and I’m back to work. So I am savoring every moment and every day of the remaining vacation days by doing photowalks starting today. Today’s walk started with a few shots of the Horses of Honor public art exhibit on the Magnificent Mile that honors fallen Chicago Policemen – those who have […]

Water Taxi Ride to Chinatown with Chris S. – June 29, 2015


A friend, Chris Sundita, dating back from my IRC (Internet Relay Chat) days dropped by three weeks ago on his way to San Francisco from New York. Chicago was his second stop on his cross country drive that took him to places I can only imagine – ranging from Madison Wisconsin, to Mt. Rushmore, to […]

North Pond and the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park – August 10, 2015


View of the skyline from the North Pond I am still hobbled by my recurrent tendinitis so I still haven’t been out to do a photowalk. It has been ten days! But I did a short walk around the North Pond as well as the Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park nine days ago. I […]



I uploaded more photographs to Trey Ratcliff’s USA coast-to-coast photowalk’s FB page that is going to happen in Chicago on August 10 (fourth leg of the walk). But not all made the cut. These are the ones that did not make it to FB: These are the ones I posted to FB:

A Quick Drive Through San Francisco with Jim Watkins – July 6, 2015


With Flickr and FB contact and incredibly talented photographer, James Watkins. Jim is an ex-Chicagoan banker/photographer who is now based in San Jose, CA (with lovely wife, Tricia), and who is striking on his own as a freelance photographer. He picked me up from my niece’s apartment in Fremont and in the car, we decided […]

Depression sucks


Didn’t do any walks since Saturday the 11th. Haven’t even been out of the house besides going to the store downstairs to get nourishment. But this downtime gave me time to organize my photos, consolidate them into several drives, backing them up as my Drobo suddenly went into limbo land. It also gave me time […]

The Elks National Memorial – July 10, 2015


This building turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I used to live up the street from here on Wrightwood, but the building was always closed. Today, after my doctor’s appointment across the street, I happened to pass by and saw the sign that it was open to the public. My my. I was the […]

Independence Day Fireworks, Saratoga, CA – July 4, 2015


It has been my tradition to watch firework displays on July 4. I asked my niece(s) and others if they knew where to watch fireworks in the Bay Area. Many suggested to go to San Francisco but I ruled that out (traffic, crowds, etc.). Rennie, the husband of my niece Lara, suggested that we go […]

Lost in Wine Country – July 3, 2015


My fabulous cousin, Ethel. We were visiting my cousin Ethel who lives in Napa. We got lost driving around looking for a particular winery. But it didn’t matter. The Napa Valley is absolutely gorgeous.

California Here I Come! – July 1, 2015


On my way to California. For a one-week break to visit family and friends. I missed my flight to Denver and then on to San Jose but Southwest placed me onto the next flight via Las Vegas. No questions asked. I love Southwest! Yay! Here are some photos I took from the plane during the […]

Wednesday Night Fireworks – June 24, 2015


Navy Pier fireworks last Wednesday as seen from my balcony. I didn’t even have to get out of the house! It’s a new day!

Love and justice win. Thank you SCOTUS

Tall Ship Windy

No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would […]

Oak St. Beach – June 21, 2015


James (L) and Daniel (R) Friends from out of town (Providence, RI and Champaign, IL) were visiting during the weekend. I met up with them at the restaurant on Oak St. Beach for drinks, but unfortunately, the Champaign visitors (Daphne and family) had to cut their visit short as they had to drive back to […]

Zombie March Chicago – June 20, 2015


The 8th Annual Chicago Zombie March. Enough said.

Harajuku – June 20, 2015


Caught the tail end of the Harajuku Fashion Walk in the loop while I was heading to the Daley Plaza to catch the tail end of the Zombie March. Harajuku refers to Japanese street fashion that originated in the Harajuku district of Tokyo which is jam packed with shops, fashion malls and chains and is […]

Got Caught in the Rain at the Buckingham Fountain – June 20, 2015


I planned to take pictures of the Navy Pier Fireworks again from the Buckingham Fountain last night after the Zombie March. The walk finished early and didn’t want to go home (otherwise I would have not come back), so I decided to go to the fountain and just hang out there, perhaps shoot around there […]

Chicago Blackhawks Victory Parade – The Loop, June 18, 2015


The star of the show, The Stanley Cup! Was able to get a fair vantage point from the second story window of Target. But I only have my 210mm with me. I wanted to walk light. Taken at State and Monroe in the Loop.

Buckingham Fountain and Wednesday Night Fireworks – June 17, 2015


Was at the Buckingham Fountain last night … and got a bonus. It was Wednesday night fireworks at Navy Pier and was somewhat visible at the back of the fountain. Yay!

My Site Was Down For Awhile …

Mr. Chicago-2

  But I am back now. With a new host and hopefully, this time, there will me not much interruptions.

A Short Trip to the Most Expensive Rain Shelter Ever Built – June 10, 2015


Got caught in the rain while at Millennium Park yesterday. Then my batteries went dead. So I went home early.