Nothing to do with Rizal Day Walk – December 30, 2018

It might be Rizal Day in the Philippines on December 30 (Dr. Jose Rizal is our national hero) but this walk was not undertaken to commemorate his execution. He was executed on December 30, 1896 by the Spanish for his subversive ideas; the execution was one of the sparks for the country’s revolution against Spain. In fact, this walk wasn’t planned at all.

December 29 was the birthday celebration of my high school classmate, now a neurologist based in DuPage County, Dr. Henry Echiverri, at their home in the West burbs. It was a huge affair and one not to be missed … but I missed the train going there, so … Henry sent an Uber to my home in the city to bring me to the celebration (I can’t drive at night due to … I am blind in my right eye!).

The birthday boy carving an Iberian ham

What a guy, this Doctor E is. Just goes to show that high school friendships lasts. I have known Henry since 1969!

Dr. Henry E. with some of his guests (me, Jun and Mariel Marte and Dr. Dennis Asencio) and Dr. Susan E. (extreme right)

Stayed over at the Echiverris for the night. Susan, Henry’s wife is also a physician, she was the chief pediatric geneticist, since retired, at Stroger Hospital when I worked there in Urology in the mid 2000s. She is doing consultant work and paying more attention to antiques rather than young children. Since Ubering back to Chicago was too much for me, I decided to take the early train back to Chicago. Henry drove me to the station in one of his Italian-made cars, in style. It was like Ubering on a Tesla (yup, that’s available, apparently), only even more luxurious. (By the way, before going to Henry and Susan’s, I was watching a Turkish TV drama, called Intersection, which was addicting through to its first two seasons, but the last season was a dud. At any rate, one of the characters was named Aysen … which was also the name of the Uber driver, who is Kurdish and lived in Turkey. Go figure.)

Caught the Metra to Chicago from Winfield, IL station to Ogilvie Transportation Center on Madison.

And that’s why this walk – I just walked east on Madison and took pictures on the way until I reached Millennium Park. Then took the bus home. It was an easy 2.2 miles walk, good for my heart, I guess.