Back to Birding

This posed for me!

I used to be an avid birder back in the mid 2000’s but somehow … I stopped. During the spring migration this year, I tried to go back to birding, but I just don’t have the glass for it. The lens that I used to use for taking photos of birds, my Nikon 80-400mm is no longer taking sharp photos. Oh well.

Here are some of my latest bird pictures though, taken at various days from late May to late June in three places: North Pond and Nature Boardwalk in Lincoln Park and Montrose Point in Uptown.

Chicago Zombie March 2017

There were just a few zombies this year, probably less than 50, and most of them are the same people from the past two years. Not very diverse. The zombies are dying!!!

Chillin’ on the Gold Coast

Two friends and I spent several hours last Sunday afternoon on the breakwater in the Gold Coast, watching the city turn pink from the light setting sun. The sky put up an incredible show – the drama started in the early afternoon with beautiful fluffy cottony cumulus clouds that turned quickly into menacing storm clouds and then back to nice fluffy clouds in the evening during which sunlight filtered from the west, bathing the city with a beautiful pink glow.

It was a beautiful evening to just chill out and end the weekend.

Silhouette Shoot with Drink and Click(TM) Chicago, June 11

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It’s that time of the month again, when members of the Drink and Click(TM) Chicago group meet up for a themed photoshoot. This month’s theme is silhouette and what better time and place to do it but on Montrose Point at sunrise, gathering at 4:45 AM to shoot the rising of the sun at 5:15 AM?

We might have been a little bit cranky because of the very early start (some of us have vampire-like lifestyles) but there was another group there, the Art of Chi Instagram group that kept us entertained and provided us with lots of opportunities to shoot their silhouettes.

And of course the usual fishermen who looked at us with perplexed expressions.

The drinking part (which was really just coffee and soda) was at the Golden Pancake House in Uptown.

More photos in my Flickr stream.

Taking Back The Drive

For the 16th year now, almost the whole length of Lakeshore Drive (from basically Bryn Mawr in the north end to 57th St. in the south) was taken over by bicycles for about 5 hours.

NO cars (well, except for some even organizers cars boo hoo) but thousands upon thousands of bikes on the drive. It is one of the best bike rides in the world ever.

It is one of the best events on Memorial Day Weekend to photograph too. Especially if you want to practice panning.

Another Saturday Night

We were at the Buckingham Fountain on Saturday night while waiting for the fireworks to begin. Yes folks, it is fireworks season again at the Navy Pier!

Birth of a Day

Sunrise over Lake Michigan @ Fullerton and Lakeshore Drive, May 13, 2017

Buck’s Place Opens

Short visit to Grant Park on Sunday, May 7, a day after the Buckingham Fountain opened for the season.