Chicago Marathon 2017


Scenes from the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, 10/9/2017 at the Magnificent Mile (Grand Ave. under Michigan Ave.) and Lincoln Park (Stockton and Webster area).

Three Days of Chicagohenge

Chicagohenge as seen from Navy Pier

I have been photographing this phenomenon that is now called “Chicagohenge” when the setting sun aligns with East-West streets of Chicago (similar to Manhattanhenge in NY) since 2010. So far as I know, it was first mentioned by Whet Moser in the Chicago Reader in 2009, was photographed by a Flickr user named spf3million and named it as such, also in 2009, and then the following year, the ChiFlickr group (of which I was a member of) had a meet up to photograph the henge anywhere in Chicago, but particularly on Washington and Michigan. There might have been other mentions of this phenomena (BTW, aside from Manhattanhenge, I know that there is also Torontohenge).

Since then, photographers have been gathering in the choice location of Washington and Michigan in Millennium Park to photograph this – and it got so popular – when the mainstream media had featured the phenomena in the past few years that it is sometimes impossible to take pictures of the henge from that location. It is just too crowded with photographers and tripods.

There are many other locations one can view Chicagohenge – practically any East-West Street will do. This year I first photographed the sun on the 21st, early in the morning as it rose above Becker St. in Hammond, IN. Then in the afternoon of that day, just like in 2015, I went to the Navy Pier to photograph the henge as the sun set above Grand Avenue. I was to meet Drink and Click Chicago photo buddy, Adam Dooley and some others at the entrance, but I was late. They were photographing the henge from the parking structure of Navy Pier. I arrived at the Pier just as the sun was setting, and was able to snap a few shots but they were just snaps.

So the next day, Friday, the 22nd, I went back to Navy Pier, earlier this time, to shoot the henge again, and this time with frequent walk buddy, Scott McMorrow.

Today, the 24th, I photographed the henge, for the third and fourth time, while on 147 bus as it passed along the Plaza of the Americas on Michigan Ave. (which I have photographed last year) and then in new location, Jackson and Michigan, with Scott again.

Have a look!

Hammond, Indiana, September 21, 2017

Navy Pier, Chicago, September 21, 2017

Navy Pier, Chicago, September 22, 2017

Jackson and Michigan, September 23, 2017

Plaza of the Americas, near Illinois and Michigan

Chicagohenge over the Years – an album on Flickr (since 2010)

Half the Early Birds – September 10, 2017

Only half of the Early Birds group came to the sunrise walk last Sunday. But that was ok. I was really on it for the exercise. According to my iPhone, I did over 5,000 steps that morning – basically walking around Burnham Harbor then to Millennium Park.

And one photo:

Yoga in the Morning

made it to explore on Flickr.

Early Birds – September 3, 2017

I have a group called “Early Birds” which goes out every weekend for sunrise shoots and then breakfast. Last week, we shot at Montrose Beach – and shot the sunrise, and our equivalent in the bird world, early birds on the shore. I had three lifers that morning (ID to be confirmed) – the stilt sandpiper, the semipalmated plover and the buff-breasted sandpiper.


Throwback – A short walk in Millennium Park 12 Years Ago Today

All photos taken with a fish-eye lens and then defished at processing :-). And there aren’t any Bean pictures. As you can see above, the Bean was under a canopy since January of that year. The seams of the stainless steel panels that compose the outer shell of the Bean were being polished and they had to do it away from public view .. or something.

Here’s a photo of the Bean with the seams showing taken two months after it was unveiled.

Some say that they like the Bean better with the seams.

Walk, Interrupted

A week ago, on July 12, I signed up for the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Chicago Masterworks, Connecting Old and New walking tour. It was just something to do. At this time last year, I was in New York City for my vacation, but this year, I don’t think I will be able to go to New York again, so I am staying put, being a tourist in my own city, for the nth time. Since I am a member of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, I might as well enjoy some of the benefits – and including the free admission to some of the walking tours.

But it was not to be. After a few minutes into the tour, it rained and … poured and I didn’t have my umbrella with me. At first, I didn’t mind it, but the rain became relentless. It was just unpleasant going around wet. I ducked into a nearby Walgreen’s to buy an umbrella or a poncho, whatever is the cheapest or available, but there was a long line! Everyone was trying to do the same thing. By the time I got out of there with a poncho covering me and my camera, the tour group was nowhere to be seen.

So I went to Millennium Park instead and took pictures. Then went home. I will try again tomorrow (July 19).

Lazy Walk in the Neighborhood Beach

Hollywood Beach, Edgewater, July 9, 2017

I was ready to binge on Game on Thrones to get ready for next week’s season 7 premier but before settling on my favorite sofa, I looked out my window and saw that there were tons of people on the beach!

So what to do, but, well, walked over there and instead of lounging on the couch, basically laid down on the pier, listened to music and took random pictures.

Fish Eye

An alternate lens from various events throughout the world.

Fish Eye

📷: Photo by Joerg Koch/Getty Images

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors

The First Permanent Photo Exhibition in Space

Dr. Hersh Chadha is a photographer whose work is literally out of this world, thanks to a collaboration with printing house Duggal Visual Solutions.

The First Permanent Photo Exhibition in Space

via PetaPixel 📷: Duggal Visual Solutions

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Real Fake Walk, July 7, 2017

This walk was conducted late afternoon on July 7. I called this the Real Fake Walk because it started at the Real Fake sculpture that was just recently installed near the Wabash Ave. Bridge on E. Wacker. I walked with frequent walker buddy, Scott McMorrow of Scott McMorrow Events and Portraits. From there, we headed downstairs and walked along the River Walk through to the new extension of the walk to the west. We stopped for a little while photographing another public art installation, called The Deer, that just cropped up along the southwest bank of the river almost at the end of the walk.

We then went back upstairs to Wacker Drive, crossed the Randolph St. Bridge to hangout at the River Point Plaza to observe river traffic from this vantage point – the point where the Chicago River forks into its north and south branches. The River Point Plaza, fronting the sparkling new high rise called River Point, has just been opened to the public. (In fact when we were there, the river front level was still closed.) This spot gives a great and fresh view of the Chicago River facing east.

We then went back to the Riverwalk, heading east and ending the walk at the N. Michigan Ave. Bridge. By that time, it was already about 9 o’clock in the evening.