Throwback: Chicago Photography Collective Show, Opening 12.19.2009

I used to be a member of a group of illustrious Chicago photographers called Chicago Photography Collective that existed from 2009 to 2011. It was billed as “a group of professional photographers who have come together to build a sense of community among
photographers. It started out as a group of four people having lunch once a month, and now has more than thirty members. The mission of the CPC was to provide a forum for the discussion and display of work by serious Chicago area photographers; to offer support and solidarity to photographic artists while educating and enlightening the general public about photography’s capacity as a force for both change and reflection.

Members included Paul Natkin, Ron Seymour, Ron Gordon, Sandra Steinbrecher, Eric Futran, Marc Pokempner, Tom and Marcia Palazzolo, Lloyd DeGrane, David Kamba, Patty Carroll, Emily Long, Allan Teller, Matt Tuteur, Michael Jackson, Beth Rooney, Karen Hoyt, Scott Shigley, Rosemary Warner, Rebekah Raleigh, Peter Ha, Stephen Sostaric and some others who joined later. How I got accepted to the group is still beyond me. Heck, as you can see in the pictures, I can’t even focus!

We had our gallery, first at a space now occupied by a 7-11 on Madison and Wabash, then we moved to a nicer place in Block 37.

This opening was taken in December 18, 2009, probably our second show. We used to have one show a month!

And here are some photographs of us preparing for our first show (taken November 15, 2009)

Chicago Full Moon Jam, July 26, 2018

Chicago’s Full Moon Jam season began in May but I was only able to attend July’s celebration. There are more and more participants, more and more spectators, and more and more daring acts. This is a grass root movement … it’s nice to be in a loving, non-judgmental, inclusive and safe place for a fleeting moment.

Chicago Pride Parade 2018

I didn’t see much of the parade because, as usual, I was on the float for Chicago’s Bible Bingo from NunsforFun Entertainment. Bible Bingo is another wacky interactive comedy penned by my friend, Vicki Quade, the creator of the popular Late Night Cathechism. The premise of this comedy:

“The parish needs money and the Archdiocese has a new bingo department.
Bring the two together and you have a night of bible trivia, audience interaction,
and the funniest quiz about the Holy Family you’ve ever seen.

Add to that a box of wacky prizes, fun bingo cards, and a lot of Catholic humor. In this interactive bingo show, we actually play bingo! And get the audience talking about everything from Adam & Eve to modern sins.”

It plays at the Royal George Theater 8 pm Fridays and 8 pm Saturdays.
Late Night Catechism plays at the same theater 5 pm Saturdays and 2 pm Sundays.

See the reviews at Trip Advisor here.

Vicki Quade and son Michael

The float with the requisite group picture.

Vicki in action at the parade

While I don’t have any pictures of the parade, I have lots of spectators pictures taken from the float. Here is a bunch of them. Enjoy!

The Garden of the Phoenix, Chicago, June 11, 2018

The Garden of the Phoenix is a new garden at Chicago’s Jackson Park in the southside of the city. It is located just behind the Museum of Science and Industry. The Japanese Garden is just a small part of it.

The Garden of the Phoenix is supposed to symbolize Japan and the USA’s 160-year story of friendship, turmoil and prosperity, according to its website. This garden is home to Yoko Ono’s Skylanding, a public space composed of a revitalized landscape and pavilion.

I joined three other photowalkers (Mark Marshall, Nenad Spasojevic and Lucy HS) for a sunset shoot at the Japanese Garden. However, the sun was nowhere to be found. Just as well because we were able to get beautiful photos (no one was there!) and resolved to come back either during sunrise or another sunset later.

31st St. Beach Sunrise Shoot – June 6, 2018

The harbor here is the newest harbor in the Chicago harbor system. The beach itself is not that wide or big compared to other beaches but the view of the skyline is incomparable. This is the first time we shot here and probably would not be the last.

Bike the Drive – May 27, 2018

Bike the Drive is when Chicago closes practically the whole length of Lake Shore Drive to motor traffic, and open it up to bicycles. It’s quite a spectacle … and a nice Sunday bike ride for participants.

It also is a good practice for me to work on panning. Not as successful as I want to be this time around but … I like the abstract feel of the results. I did have some focused panning but I kind of like these ones. Have a look:


Did about a 5-mile walk from Lincoln Park’s North Pond, through to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Nature Boardwalk, then crossed over Lake Shore Drive to the beaches – Fullerton Beach and North Ave. Beach, then along the breakwater to the Near Northside at Chestnut. Lots of birds about including several green herons in the North Pond as well as in the Nature Boardwalk.

The skyline was not visible though because of the fog … which made photography of people on the breakwater very interesting.

Sun Worshippers, May 8, 2018

I was off on Tuesday, May 8 because of the primary elections that went on in Indiana. Because I am used to getting up early on week days, I was able to go out to Thorndale Beach to watch the sun rise.

There were already people there doing the same thing.

I can’t get enough of sunrise shots.

A Short Walk on Argyle St., April 29, 2018

Argyle St. is known as Chicago’s New Chinatown located in Uptown in the city’s far northside. It is the home of, not only of Chinese businesses but also Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian and Thai shops. I planned to have just an iPhone walk, taking pictures of the murals on the side streets but I ended up eating at the new Hon Kee restaurant and shopping at Viet Hoa for my Filipino groceries and then having dessert at La Patisserie.