Bank of America Chicago Marathon – October 11, 2009

This meet-up was a little bit different because the people I was meeting up with were actually running the marathon. I only got to see one of them … (actually, he saw me!) but a few of us met after the event and then celebrated at Santorini in Greektown.

Under the Bridge

Unlike the previous years three years when I usually plant myself on E. Randolph St. overlooking Columbus Drive at 5:45 in the morning, I was late and wasn’t able to see the start of the marathon. I did catch the tail end passing under the BP Bridge in Millennium Park.

Elite Women

From Grant/Millennium Park, I walked to the Chicago River and positioned myself on the Orleans bridge and took pictures, of elite women (above) and the mass of marathoners (below) …

45,000 plus strong

and Richard Whitehead (double amputee marathoner who set a new world record at the marathon).

Richard Whitehead

At the bridge, Sen (projectsen), one of the runners that I was going to meet up with saw me taking pictures so I snapped a shot of him, quickly, without focusing my camera. Eych.

I didn’t see the other people I was watching out for … so I went to the finish line hoping to catch them there. I didn’t, but at least managed to get a shot of runners right before the three hour mark. Must be sweet to finish under three hours!

In the nick of time

I finally met up with two of my runner friends after they finished (just below the 4 hour mark but I didn’t see them crossing the finish line at all). We then hopped into a taxi and had lunch at Santorini in Greek Town – aside from being runners, they are also foodies and always enjoy a good meal.

And here are the four finishers I was going to meet up who finally I was able to meet up with … two weeks later – at Istanbul Restaurant on Broadway and Addison. L-R: Cary, Victoria, Sen and Chris (at the back). All finished with personal bests with Cary qualifying for the Boston Marathon and Sen shaving almost an hour off his time (from 4:30 last year to about 3:30 this year!)

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