Art Therapy Connection Fair with fotoFANATIK, June 17, 2006


Art Therapy Connection Fair on June 17, 2006 in Seward Park in Chicago where I joined Bernie (fotoFANATIK on flickr) to man her booth. She was selling her photographs!

Bonus was the Jessie White Tumbling Team that performed incredible jumps and acrobatics.

Jesse White Tumbling Team

Three photographs stacked on top of each other. Taken probably half a second apart. First time I did this.

For more information on the tumbling team, please go to their website Jesse White Tumbling Team. Jesse White by the way eventually became Illinois’ Secretary of State. He is still active in the team (I think he’s the guy at the back with the cap).

Also seen at Gapers Block Rearview on June 20, 2006. Thanks!!!



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