ChiFlickr Meet Up ~ Summer Sunset
From jellybeanjill13 Flickr stream, taken during a ChiFlickr meet up in 2007

About My Chicago Photowalks
I have been participating in many (and then conducting my own) photowalks since I joined, back in 2003, the wonderful DPC (Digital Photo Challenge) online community, a photography-enthusiast site designed to develop photographic skills on your own. I have documented many of the walks on Flickr, then on the examiner.com when I became that site’s Chicago Photo Examiner.

Eventually, I documented my walks on this site, My Chicago Photowalks, which is my own site, in my own server, since about 2007 or so. Maintaining the site over the years have been problematic – from server issues to corrupted files. This present site is probably its 10th iteration as the last one that I had just revived in early 2016 got hacked. I didn’t have time to repair the hack, so I just had the server reformatted and built a new one. Hopefully, this one will last for quite awhile.

About Me
My first camera, an Agfa Box Camera, ca 1965

I have been taking pictures since I was 9 years old, growing up in Malinao, the Philippines, when my father gifted me and my brother with an Agfa box camera that he brought back with him from the his sabbatical in the US in 1965. Since then, I had a plethora of cameras, ranging from several Kodak Instamatics to Canon and Olympus SLRs, a Kodak Instamatic 110 that saw me through in grad school in New Zealand, a Pentax point and shoot which I purchased at the Narita Airport on my way from Manila to San Francisco when I moved from the Philippines to the US in 1986, an Olympus Stylus zoom that replaced the Pentax when I was in grad school at U of Illinois, then I became an exclusive Kodak disposable user till about 1994 when I went fully digital.

First, I got hooked with the Apple QuickTake, when it first came out, and then a series of FujiFilm digital cameras starting with the DX7 that I had for several years – its lens was good for macro, I even shot some scientific-grade photos with it, followed by several FinePixes and finally the Nikon D70 in 2004. Presently, I really like my Sony Alpha 7 mirrorless, although I also shoot with a Nikon D750.

Oh, I remember, I even had a Russian-made SLR that I used when I was in vet school. I don’t even remember how I got hold of that – I used it to photograph my brother’s wedding in 1978. It was pretty good.

Wearing the t-shirt that I bought in Quebec City that sums me up:
“La vie est simple. Manger. Dormir. Navigeur Sur Internet.”
Courtesy of Sen Can Photography

Nowadays, I conduct photowalks when I feel like it, usually on the weekends.

I used to belong to the Chicago Photography Collective, a group of veteran and up-and-coming Chicago-based photographers such as Paul Natkin, Ron Gordon, Ron Seymour, Patty Carroll, Marc Pokempner, Eric Futran, Emily Long, Sandra Steinbrecher, Allan Teller, Matt Teutur, Marcia and Tom Palazzolo etc. We had a pop up gallery, first on Madison and Wabash (now a 7-11) and then inside Block 37. It was a good two years belonging to the group. One of our exhibits, Go Do Good, was captured in a book of the same name.

I have had several photo shows starting with the Chicago Flickr Group (Digitally Intertwined at the now defunct Acme Gallery on Western), then with the aforementioned Chicago Photography Collective, and then with a gallery on Kingsbury (forgot the name now) and then with the King Arts Collective. Now, it’s strictly online for me – I have most of my photographs shown on Flickr, on Getty Images and the several photo sites I maintain.

I used to run many photography sites, Filipino-orientated sites and food sites since 1994, yes, practically during the beginning of the World Wide Web. I am considered to be one of the 10 pioneers of the Filipino Internet by Wired Magazine Philippines back in the day and one of Asia Inc.’s 50 hotties hahahaha because of my work gathering Filipinos in cyberspace, also back in the day. But my sites are on hiatus now.

I am based in Chicago and am available for assignments.

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