Photographing Chicago’s Polar Vortex Without Stepping Out of My Door



I photographed the three days of the Polar Vortex, Tuesday evening (Jan 29), Wednesday, January 30 and Thursday, January 31 without going out in the minus whatever air temperature there was on those days (that went down to – 50 degrees F with the windchill on Wednesday).

Here’s a youtube video I made of the lake on Jan 30:

And my tweet on twitter on Jan 31:

Lake Michigan looked like it was boiling – the cold air fighting with the warm water resulted in spectacular mist formations.

How Lake Michigan Looked on Wednesday

I stayed at home for three days photographing the conditions outside through my slightly ajar balcony door.

It helped that I live right on Lake Michigan. Granted I didn’t have the picture of the skyline with the lake mist arising in front of it nor the beautiful lake line with boulders of ice but I didn’t have the frostbite and numbing pain and running from the extreme cold to the car for temporary warmth and then back to photograph and didn’t have to have my gear subjected to extreme conditions either.

How Lake Michigan looked on Wednesday, the coldest day at -18 degrees F

And I think I did pretty well.

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