Unplanned Four Mile Walk – January 20, 2019

I had to meet up with my niece, Joy and her brood (who blitzed Chicago from Canada) at Seafood City on Elston in the far northwestside of Chicago last Sunday. I Ubered going there from my place in Edgewater on the northside of Chicago, which turned out to be expensive because Sunday morning was considered a busy period time for the ride sharing service. Not wanting to be stiffed by Uber again, going back home, I asked Jena, another cousin who also met up with our niece, to drop me off the Blue Line station near their home and that necessitated me to go through downtown to catch either the Red Line or the 147 Bus back to Edgewater.

The Yerro Cousins of Chicago and Toronto meeting up in Seafood City!

And so, instead of going directly home, I dilly dallied around downtown ending up having an impromptu 4-mile walk. Which was fine because I haven’t been keeping up with my 14-mile walk a week for a few weeks now.

So from Washington and State, I went to Millennium Park, went around there, then to Lakeshore Drive and Monroe, then walked along the lakeshore to the Shedd Aquarium and then to Adler Planetarium. It’s my usual route but this time, it was a little bit harder of a walk because of the cold and occasional snow and the part where the lakeshore curved along the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium was not passable. That part was iced out and beautiful. So I stayed there for a little while, taking photos of the ice-covered vegetation.

By the time I reached Adler, my fingers were numb, so I went home, taking the 146 bus which stopped right there at the Adler.


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