Not quite the Riverwalk Walk – January 12, 2019

Dr. Cliff Les, a buddy from grad school blitzed by Chicago from the Detroit area for the weekend – met him and his wife Kathy at Lou Manati’s in River North. Cliff and I were in Veterinary Biosciences at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 1986 to about 1988 or so – he was in biomechanics while I was working in reproductive biology.

He was in research for awhile, then private practice and academia and back to private practice and he was here in Chicago to visit a former student of his from Michigan State rotating at Brookfield Zoo. It was quite a short visit, but we had fun reminiscing the gold old days (oops typo but I will leave it there).

Going home, I walked along the Riverwalk, not quite on the riverwalk but on Wacker Drive. Since this weekend is freezing I decided not to do the usual 7 mile walk so this 1.5 mile stretch from North Wells to N. Michigan where my bus stop is would suffice. And of course I took pictures along the way, even though just from my iPhone.

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