Museum of Pop Culture aka Experience Music Project

The last time I was in Seattle back in the mid 90’s, the Frank Gehry designed Experience Music Project wasn’t built yet. So this time around, this was really the draw for me to accept a friend’s invitation to visit her in Seattle. I wanted to see, even just the exterior of Gehry’s much applauded (and equally derided) building in Seattle especially how it compares to his Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago. (The building then known as Experience Music Project is now called Museum of Pop Culture.)

Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago lit up blue during the night

Well, it is similar – with its trademark steel fabrications that look like armadillo or pangolin armors – except for the colors! While Prizker looks like a crab nebula, this one looks like a creature that came from the sea, or as some other critics say, like smashed guitars, but the colors are wild. Pritzker is all silver/chrome while MPC is saturated with silver, copper, reds, blues … incredible. I haven’t really seen the totality of it as it is a huge building and it seems to me that there is no vantage point for photographers to take a picture of it as a whole … But it is all about details … and here they are in the short time that I was there (sorry, I am too cheap to go inside).

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