Overnight on the Coast Starlight: Seattle to San Jose

Cascades Mountain Lake

The Coast Starlight is regarded to be one of Amtrak’s most spectacular train routes, passing through great cities on the West Coast – Seattle, Portland (Oregon), Sacramento, SF Bay Area, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles to name a few. It also goes through or pass along the Cascade Ranges and Mt. Shasta and the lush pine forests, fertile valleys and long stretches of Pacific Ocean shoreline. Having just known this, I immediately changed plans – instead of flying from Seattle to San Francisco, I booked a ticket on this particular route.

It didn’t matter that the trip would take 24 hours from Seattle to San Jose and that I would miss the leg that runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean. I’ve been on an Amtrak train before – from Chicago to New York – several times, and it is not that bad. The seats are wide, the leg room is spacious and the windows are huge and good enough for photography. This time though, I booked a business class ticket – to ensure I have wi-fi, extendable seat, extendable table, free bottled water, a 6-dollar voucher for food in the adjacent lounges (a cafe and a restaurant) AND a dedicated car – less foot traffic. Because the car was not full, the guy sitting next to me moved to another seat, so I had two seats that I made into a bed for sleeping.

And I would at least spend time, albeit very brief, in Oregon, a state that I haven’t been to.

Portland Oregon

The highlight of the trip really was the Cascade Mountains – we went through it at sunset – and I was at least able to capture some of its glory. The pine forests, lakes and rivers along the mountain route were also spectacular. It was just difficult to take pictures of them even if I went to the observation deck – as the views were in both sides of the train.

Here are iPhone photos of the trip from Seattle to San Jose.

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