Northerly Island – December 16, 2017

Beautiful balmy December weather last Saturday, December 16. The walk (with walk buddy Mark Marshall) started innocuously from Michigan and 9th St. to the museum campus. It was in fact, a blah walk and we almost didn’t continue because the breakwater at the Field Museum was covered with thin ice and was slippery. But we trudged along, reaching the Adler and took the requisite skyline shots. Then we just sort of meandered around, to the back of the Adler, then to the 18th St. Beach where things got interesting, photographically. There was first, a lone ice formation on a structure on the beach … then toward the Northerly Island end of the beach, some more ice-covered vegetation on a short stretch of the lakeshore. It was strange, in this short stretch of the steep(er) shore, the plants and rocks were covered with ice, but that’s it, the rest of the area wasn’t.

Then we saw some commotion toward the middle of Northerly Island just west of the Daphne Garden – we went to investigate. There was a Husky Dog Sled demonstration! And they let the audience pet the dogs (don’t just have your face at the level of the dogs’ faces). This is what I like doing walks around Chicago. You just don’t know what to expect.

We ended the walk at Northerly with shots of the Daphne Garden and then the skyline from the empty marina.

I had my money shot:

So I was satisfied.

Walking back to 9th Street where Mark parked his truck, more money shots:

A merganser playing with its food!

I <3 Chicago!

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