Riverwalk, October 28, 2017

Kind of oft beaten track instead of off the beaten track, but there is always something interesting happening on the walk. We were taking photos to submit for the October upside down challenge at Drink and Click. It was an impromptu walk as it was a last minute decision – our organizer, Lauri Novak, was away and could not organize a meet up. So Mark Marshall and I hastily thought of something just so the Chicago group could be represented in the challenge.

It was a difficult challenge to fulfill but we did what we had to do.

I was surprised to see a black-crowned night heron right on the river – this is supposed to be a relatively rare bird and endangered in Illinois, but here it was in the middle of the concrete jungle.

At the Navy Pier area of the river, we bumped into some Halloween revelers who graciously posed for us … and at the end of the walk, we were rewarded with a fireworks display! What a wonderful way to cap an almost 7 mile walk in the cold.

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  1. Classic example of what we have spoken about before…we walked side by side and have many off the same shots, yet yours are so much better!

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