Real Fake Walk, July 7, 2017

This walk was conducted late afternoon on July 7. I called this the Real Fake Walk because it started at the Real Fake sculpture that was just recently installed near the Wabash Ave. Bridge on E. Wacker. I walked with frequent walker buddy, Scott McMorrow of Scott McMorrow Events and Portraits. From there, we headed downstairs and walked along the River Walk through to the new extension of the walk to the west. We stopped for a little while photographing another public art installation, called The Deer, that just cropped up along the southwest bank of the river almost at the end of the walk.

We then went back upstairs to Wacker Drive, crossed the Randolph St. Bridge to hangout at the River Point Plaza to observe river traffic from this vantage point – the point where the Chicago River forks into its north and south branches. The River Point Plaza, fronting the sparkling new high rise called River Point, has just been opened to the public. (In fact when we were there, the river front level was still closed.) This spot gives a great and fresh view of the Chicago River facing east.

We then went back to the Riverwalk, heading east and ending the walk at the N. Michigan Ave. Bridge. By that time, it was already about 9 o’clock in the evening.

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